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Septic System Repairs

Have you noticed sewage backing up into your home, or nasty odors coming from your backyard? More than likely, something is wrong with your septic system. But don’t worry, no matter what the problem, Len’s Excavating and Landscape has your solution!
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Drainfields, leachbeds, or leachfields as they are often called can fail due to inadequate pumping of storage tanks, or just due to age. Even with the best preventative measures for septic system maintenance, a failed leachfield is a normal event. They wear out over time. A sign of system failure is often seen in the backup of the house tub or shower because these are usually the lowest points in the system, offering the point of least resistance for backup to emerge.

Len’s Excavating & Landscape can assist you in extending the life and use of your system by doing the following:

If your system has leaks, they need to be fixed – Because a leak in the system will prevent a leachfield from completely drying out, leaks can lead to a progressive failure of the system.

Divert greywater to other areas so as not to wear out the leachfield. – Greywater (waste water from the kitchen sink & laundry, etc) makes up 60% to 80% of the water load carried by the septic system. Reducing the amount of greywater put into your septic system can extend the life of the septic system by 2 to 4 times as long.

Len’s is able to re-route all, or at least a substantial portion of greywater from the septic to the homeowner’s landscape, for irrigation or just disposal. This can be done in a number of ways. Len’s will leave you with not only a functional and effective way to divert the greywater, but also an aesthetically pleasing result. From ponds to rockwalls, and vegetation, Len’s will create a system that any homeowner would be proud to have in their yard.

Install a leachfield protector in the septic tank – This is a simple screen that keeps solids from entering the leachfield or leachbed. If this piece becomes clogged it is a much cheaper repair than the expense needed to repair a clogged leachfield.

Pump the septic when necessary – Natural solids are able to easily break down in the septic system, but certain solids like lint from laundry water, grease, and detergents do not. Therefore, it is necessary to pump your septic storage tank periodically to extend the life of your system.

Install a leachfield extension or modification – when a system is not adequately sized for a home it can become worn out easily. By extending the leachfields the workload on the system is lessened.

These are just a few septic repair services that Len’s offers. From a simple septic system repair to a complete replacement, Len’s has the expert skill and knowledge to handle your needs, whatever they may be.

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