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Let our professionals fix your wet yard, clogged downspout or other drainage problems that make the living space around your home unsightly. At Lens Excavating, we inspect your yard, identify the problem, and provide you with solutions.

In many cases, wet spots in your yard can be corrected simply by extending a downspout or rerouting a discharge pipe from a sump pump. We take the time to determine where the water is coming from so we can make the proper repair or figure out how we might adjust or regrade to solve your drainage problem.

We provide the following services:

  • Downspout repair, replace or reroute
  • Discharge pipes repair, replace or reroute
  • Clear or repair clogged drains
  • Trenching, french drains and crocks
  • Regrading and swales for erosion control and storm water runoff

Sometimes drainage problems are best addressed with creative solutions. Let the professionals at Lens Excavating help you design ponds, rain gardens or creek beds to improve drainage quality and add interest and atmosphere in your yard. Call today for a free estimate.