Spring Yard Cleanup

It’s Time For Your Spring Yard Cleanup

The snow is gone (hopefully) leaving behind remnants of winter. Ironically, people are not the only living things that need to shed their winter excess once warm weather hits. Plants do too!

If left unattended, a once beautiful landscape can become over grown, unsafe, and unsightly.

A thorough yard cleanup will ready your lawn for summer and save you from headaches down the road.

Removing diseased or damaged limbs or branches improves the health of your plants and trees. Pruning and trimming also increases the ability of sunlight to reach the plant and increases air flow, which are both imperative for any healthy growing plant.

Spring yard cleanup services include:

Removing burlap from trees

Pruning branches on trees

Pruning bushes

Cutting back spent perennials

Pulling up old annuals

For a professional spring cleanup service in the Northeast or surrounding Summit or Stark County Ohio areas, contact Lens Excavating and Landscape.

Early spring is a good time to install trees and shrubs and and plant perennial flowers.

Spring cleanup is also the perfect time to plan and design any new landscape that you would like to implement into your yard.

How can you begin to landscape your property?

Where does your property line end and your neighbors yard begin?

What is the size and shape of your yard?

Are there any obstacles such as septic tanks and dances that need to be avoided?

Where are the high spots and low spots in elevation?

After you have documented this information, you can now begin to draw a sketch of what you want your yard to look like after your landscaping project is complete.

What should you know before landscaping your property?

Before permanently placing any hardscape, softscape, or plants, try to imagine how it will look in 5 to 10 years after growth and weather have taken their toll. This will help in determining if their location is likely to cause you problems in the future.

That little sprout of a tree may not seem like much of a threat now, but within a few short years that tree will grow into a wooden giant with the ability to damage your property. Think about that huge tree falling on your house during a natural disaster or storm, the damage it can cause to power lines and utility poles, and the growing roots of trees that can upset a building’s foundation and crack driveways and patios, before you plant it.

If you don’t feel like you have a green thumb, or you simply don’t have the time for spring clean-up or other landscaping services, professional landscaping and hardscaping companies have professional yard design experts that will do all of this work for you.

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