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Retaining Walls

If you are in need of installing a new retaining wall or repairing an existing wall, then there’s no professional better qualified to handle the job than Len’s Excavating & Landscape, your favorite landscape contractors near Portage Lakes, Ohio.

Retaining walls make picturesque sitting spaces, inspire planting and gardening ideas, and add nicely to any landscape or outdoor patio design.

Retaining walls are not only an attractive feature to incorporate in many residential and professional landscapes, but they are also a great solution to the problems of many property owners.

The basic function of a retaining wall is to restrain tons of dirt and material that would otherwise slope down or fall from a hillside or unleveled area.

Retaining walls, aside from holding back the slope of a yard, also add usability and space to an area, which increases the property’s value and its aesthetic appeal.

These walls can be made from a variety of materials including stacked stone, timber, bricks, blocks, and concrete, depending on the customer’s desired look and intended purpose.

Although a retaining wall’s basic structure appears simple, it’s actually quite a feat of engineering. The evidence of a poorly constructed retaining wall can be seen within a couple years of installation.

Many walls begin to bulge, crack, and even lean or topple. These problems can be avoided by hiring the professional crew at Len’s Excavating & Landscape. If the property owner plans to place heavy object like a storage shed or vehicle near the wall, extra precaution can be taken to reinforce the wall so that it can stand strong even with such additional weight.

We safeguard against common failures like poor drainage, inadequate strength, overload from water saturated soil, and cracking or crumbling due to frost at the foundation of the wall.

With over 30 years of building retaining walls in and around Ohio’s Summit County, Len’s Excavating & Landscape can confidently say that we can get the job done right!

Our experts know how to build the right retaining wall for your property according to your landscaping needs, your future plans, and your current budget.

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